WG4 – Implementation in a Case Study

During this task a set of roadway bridges, belonging to different COST countries and preferably with identical typologies, will be identified. Then, for those bridges, it will be obtained the performance indicators (identified in WG1). Such values will be then compared with pre-specified goals (identified in WG2) and, finally, a QC plan will be implemented (detailed description at WG3). Different methodologies for obtaining such indicators, as well as different threshold values, will be used as the basis for benchmarking.

At the end of this task, a QC plan will be applied to such bridges, according to the recommendations established by WG3. The main objective of this study is to show the existing dispersion between obtained performance indicator values and its goals. It is important to note that this will reflect the existing dispersion among QC plans. Also, it will be tested and validated the implemented QC plan, according to the recommendations given by WG3. Obtained results will be discussed within a high level of network of experts in this field.

There are several ongoing national research projects in COST countries with which a close interaction may be established within the scope of this task. Namely, some of the roadway bridges which will be used as case study may be selected from those projects. Additionally, there will be several people from industry (e.g. owners, operators, etc.) involved in this working package.

The milestone of this task is to prepare a data basis from benchmarking, until the middle of year 4. Obtained results will validate the outcomes of WG1, WG2 and WG3, and will be used by WG5. The main achievements will be published in refereed scientific journal papers and in international conferences. A summary of such results will be also available at both website and web 2.0 (e.g. facebook).

Bridges Distribution