WG2 – Performance goals

The main objective of this work package is to define a set of goals for the indicators previously identified in WG1. These goals will vary according to technical, environmental, economic and social factors. Specific recommendations will be given in order to ensure that the definition of such goals should be the most generalized as possible. In particular, it will be established:

Technical goals: it will be analysed what goals are actually used for technical performance indicators in roadway bridges and its components (e.g. bearing, joint, etc.). It will be also evaluated which are being defined in the course of international research cooperation. There will be an open discussion within the experts’ network in this field, in order to determine the most important factors for the definition of such goals as well as the most suitable threshold values. It will be established goals, both for deterministic and probabilistic methods, for time-varying indicators and for different assessment procedures (e.g. visual inspection, non-destructive tests and monitoring systems);

Sustainable goals: specific goals will be defined for sustainable indicators, environmental based. This task is much more difficult to perform than for technical indicators, as the historical data basis is much smaller. Nevertheless, an open discussion will be established within a network of experts in this field, in order to identify the most important factors for the definition of these goals as well as the most appropriate threshold values;

Other goals: the definition of goals for other sustainable indicators, economic and social based, is extremely difficult as it largely depends on the established agreement between the owner and the roadway operator (concession model). Nevertheless, it will be important for the future of Europe to define such goals, or at least to provide some recommendations, so that standardized procedures can be implemented. In order to achieve this objective, an open discussion will be developed among a network of experts.

The milestone for this task is the publication of a report on performance goals until the end of year 2. Such report will address a description of the most important technical, environmental, economic and social factors, how to compute each goal, with what frequency, what values are generally obtained as well as some general recommendations. This outcome will be one of the main inputs of WG5, being also used by WG3. The main achievements will be published in refereed scientific journal papers and in international conferences. A summary of such results will be also available at both website and web 2.0 (e.g. facebook). A joint workshop on this field will be organized at the end of this task.