WG5 – Drafting of guideline / recommendations

In this task it will be joined the work developed in other working packages (especially from WG1, WG2 and WG3) with the objective of writing a guideline, and recommendations, for the implementation of a QC plan for roadway bridges that could be adopted by several roadway agencies. The main goal will be the preparation of a document that can be easily adopted by engineers facing the management of new and existing bridges.

Therefore, the format and content should follow the existing codes / guidelines / recommendations used today by agencies. Hence, the first step will be the analysis of existing documentation and work developed in other similar research programs and by standardization committees at national and international level.

Due to the objective proposed, this working package will have a strong interrelation with all the other working packages, becoming an output for WG6 (dissemination). Finally, the milestone of this task is the development of a new guideline for the establishment of QC plans in roadway bridges until the end of year 4. The main achievements will be published in refereed scientific journal papers and in international conferences. A summary of such results will be also available at both website and web 2.0 (e.g. facebook). A conference, in which the main outcome of this Action will be presented to a broader public, will be organized at the end of this task.


Guideline Recommendations