Meeting Riga

Location and dates

The workshop of COST Action TU 1406 “Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level” (, will be held in Riga, Latvia, at the Scientific Library of Riga Technical University (RTU) on 23rd and 24th of November 2017.

Fig. 1 – RTU Scientifics Library

Fig. 1 – RTU Scientifics Library

Riga Technical University is the largest technological university in the Baltic States with rich history and clear future vision aimed at promoting excellence in student academic results, research, and global issues in cooperation with the industry and foreign partners. We believe that together we can make a better world.

The venue will be the Scientific Library conference rooms, located at: Paula Valdena street 5, Riga, Latvia. The exact meeting rooms will be signed at the location.

Fig. 2 – Location scheme of Workshop Venue

Fig. 2 – Location scheme of Workshop Venue

To reach the venue, frequent busses and trolleybuses run from city centre to University buildings located on Ķīpsala island of River Daugava:

• Bus 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57 to stop Ķīpsala
• Trolleybus 5, 12, 25 to stop Ķīpsala

Tickets can be acquired to the bus driver or in “Narvesen” newspaper stall (cheeper).

How to get to Riga

A useful link for airway connections to Riga is:;

By public transport

Bus No.22 (frequency 10 - 30 minutes) has direct services between the airport and the city centre. You will get out straight at the terminal on the 2nd level. To get on the bus at the airport look for bus stop located opposite the terminal behind the car park P1.

Fig. 3 – Airport scheme

Fig. 3 – Airport scheme

Take the bus No. 22 (schedule) until the bus stop "RMR" (journey time is about 10 minutes), then change to the bus No. 53 (schedule) or minibus No. 236 and continue your trip until the bus stop "Preses nams" (journey time is about 7 minutes). Then cross the road using the underpass Journey time to city centre or conference venue about 30 minutes.

A ticket for an unlimited number of trips is valid for 24 hours from its first usage and costs 5.00 EUR. A regular ticket for one trip can be bought from the bus driver by 2.00 EUR, but if you buy it before commencing your trip at the airport services and tourism information bureau "Welcome to Riga", a regular one-way ticket will cost you 1.15 EUR.


In the first year of the COST TU 1406 Action the main focus was on the screening process of existing European documents and establishing a database for PIs. The next step in the project is to focus on technical and non-technical bridge performance goals, followed by the establishment of quality control plans and recommendations for guidelines. Therefore, the workshop will be dedicated to the following topics:

- Bridge management systems;
- Methods and experiences of bridge Life-cycle Assessment;
- Quality control plans;
- Quality control measurements, techniques and methods.

During the 2-day workshop selected manuscripts will be presented and discussed, followed by WG3, WG4 and WG5 meetings.

Costs and Reimbursement

COST organization provides a certain amount of financial means for organizing such meetings and to reimburse participants. This includes for example accommodation costs, meals, transport expenses, etc. For more information about travel reimbursement request please consult the COST Vademecum and the Travel_Reimbursement_Instructions.

Please book your flight and hotel as soon as possible in order to find cheap solutions.

Contributions and Templates

Participants are kindly asked to use the TU1406 templates which can be downloaded here.


The accommodation is responsibility of the participants and the organizers do not offer apartments.

As a good option advice the Islande Hotel that is about 5 min walk from the conference venue.

More hotels in Riga you can find at: