Reykjavík Standardization Workshop

Location and Dates
The workshop will take place in Reykjavík.
The meeting venue is the Grand Hótel Reykjavík which is located in Sigtún 38, 105 Reykjavík.

Meeting dates are Thursday 11th and Friday 12th of April.
How to get to Reykjavik
The only international airport in Iceland is in Keflavík which is approx. 40 km from the capital Reykjavík. Keflavik Airport
Two Icelandic airlines fly regularly to many destinations,, and the low-cost airline
Information on destinations can be found on:
The website give good information for travellers in Iceland.

By public transport from the airport to the city centre
Public transport from the airport to the city centre is by bus to the BSI Bus terminal in the city centre in Reykjavík and is scheduled in connection to all arrivals. The bus ride is approx. 45 min. A stop can be arranged for most hotels in the city centre when booking the ticket. Otherwise there is no need to book in advance.
The price for a return ticket is approx. 40 EUR (5500 ISK).
The flybus+ ticket with a hotel connection costs about 50 EUR (7000 ISK).

By Taxi
Taxi services are from the airport.
A taxi from the airport to Reykjavík city centre costs approx. 110 EUR.

It can be pre-booked but there are also taxis at the airport.
The workshop of the COST Action TU1406 is focused on Standardization Pathways in the aftermath of the work done during the TU1406. It will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland on the 11th and 12th of April 2019. The meeting venue is the Grand Hótel Reykjavík which is located in Sigtún 38, 105 Reykjavík. In the first year of COST Action TU1406 the main focus was on the screening process of existing European documents and establishing a database for PIs. The second year of the project was focused on technical and non-technical bridge performance goals, followed by the establishment of quality control plans, applications to case studies and recommendations for guidelines in the third year.

The workshop will be dedicated to the following topics:
  • - Establishing best practice guidelines and recommendations from COST TU1406;
  • - Dissemination of findings to normative bodies;
  • - Establishing pathways towards contribution to standardization process and the development of a white paper around the topic;
  • - Making COST TU1406 findings relevant after its completion through strategic liaison with normative bodies;
  • - Contributing to new indicators for better road bridge management;
  • - Development of a networking instrument through strategic and coordinated discussions for better policy for public infrastructure in future;
  • - Extending the scope and timelines of impact pathway for COST TU1406 findings;
  • - Bridge management systems.
The programme will cover the following aspects:
  • - COST TU1406 results and liaison with normative bodies
  • - Interaction with normative bodies
  • - Establishing pathways to liaison and interaction with the standardization process with the normative bodies
  • - Panel discussion leading to a guidance towards contribution to standardization process;
  • - Discussion on future outlook towards Road Bridge management of EU and communication amongst the various stakeholders of these assets;
The format will be a combination of presentations and discussion panels.

The programme is presented here.
Costs and Reimbursement
COST organization provides a certain amount of financial means for organizing such meetings and to reimburse participants. This includes for example accommodation costs, meals, transport expenses, etc. For more information about travel reimbursement request please visit the following webpage.

Please book your flight and hotel as soon as possible in order to find cheap solutions.
The accommodation is responsibility of participants and the organizers do not offer apartments. There is a large selection of hotels in the city and close to the venue.

However, we recommend the Grand Hotel Reykjavík, a four star superior hotel for business travelers, conference guests and tourists. The room rates per night with breakfast are as follows:

Single: 18.900 isk (approx. 137,00 €)
Double: 21.900 isk (approx. 158,00 €)